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Echo Bad Ass Glass Fly Rod

item #EHO000O
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Echo Bad Ass Glass Fly Rod
Echo Bad Ass Glass Fly Rod description:
The Echo Bad Ass Glass Fly Rod is designed for the badass deep inside of you: the angler you aspire to be. This alter ego stalks big fish in deep water. They use a fiberglass rod with glass fast action to go for tarpon and albacore. They trust their rod to stand up to any fight they may encounter and to keep the big guys pinned. Fiberglass construction has a supple feel which protects your tippet while you set the hook in the lip of that fish who's been taunting you, and the stainless steel guides are equipped with low-friction ceramic stripper to keep your line flowing smoothly. Two grip style options allow for easy customization to make the rod your own, and it's undeniably sexy to boot.

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