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Echo Trip Fly Rod - 8-Piece

item #EHO000L
Price: $279.95 Buy Echo Trip Fly Rod - 8-Piece
Echo Trip Fly Rod - 8-Piece
Echo Trip Fly Rod - 8-Piece description:
When your family reunion takes you to a cabin with some decent fly fishing nearby, pack the Echo Trip Fly Rod and be ready to escape the kumbaya sessions for a little time on the river. The rod's compact 8-piece design fits in a backpack or mid-sized duffel, so you can take it backpacking, throw it in your drift boat as a spare, or make it a standard piece of luggage during your travels. Once this rod is slapped together, its medium-fast action provides an easily accessible sweet spot that will cast tiny dries on calm beaver ponds and fling bobber setups on the river with equal aplomb.

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