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Echo Gecko 4-Piece Outfit

item #EHO000D
Price: $169.95 Buy Echo Gecko 4-Piece Outfit
Echo Gecko 4-Piece Outfit
Echo Gecko 4-Piece Outfit description:
Even though your mini-me often uses her fly rod as a fly-swatter rather than a tool to catch dinner, Echo helps her feel more determined to learn the art of fly-fishing with its Echo Gecko 4-Piece Outfit. Those cartoon-covered plastic rods at the grocery store don't hold kids' interest for long, but luckily this four-piece rod outfit looks just as professional as yours thanks to its hard chrome snake guides and proportioned design, which means she'll want to keep at it as long as you keep yours. At 7ft 9in and rated four/five weight, the colorful Echo Gecko naturally fits into your kid's squirmy hands and remains easy to hold with its extra small EVA handle. Convenient alignment dots make assembly quick and easy, and the Fuji-style fast tighten reel seat helps them learn how to fish the right way. This rod outfit also features a rod sock and tough rod tube, as well as a slightly longer butt section that allows your high-spirited wiggler to hack away at the water, which of course could eventually turn into the perfect cast. Only time will tell.

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