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Echo Echo Glass Fly Rod - 4-Piece

item #EHO000C
Price: $219.95 Buy Echo Echo Glass Fly Rod - 4-Piece
Echo Echo Glass Fly Rod - 4-Piece
Echo Echo Glass Fly Rod - 4-Piece description:
The only thing better than hooking into a wild, buttery brown trout is hooking into one with the smooth-flexing Echo Glass Fly Rod. This medium-action fiberglass rod has a moderately slow casting feel that loads deep into the blank, making it the ideal tool for slow and deliberate dry fly presentations. This larger offering of Echo's fiberglass rod comes in sizes ranging from 4- to 6-weights, giving each option the backbone necessary to wrangle those larger trout you'll encounter on medium-sized rivers, streams, and lakes. The Echo Glass Rod is outfitted with a down-locking reel seat, cork handle, and a vintage look that will pair well with that old click-and-pawl reel you've been holding onto all these years.

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