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Easton EA90 Stem

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Easton EA90 Stem
Easton EA90 Stem description:
The Easton EA90 Stem sheds grams for race-minded riders, without sacrificing structural integrity or performance. Its EA90 aluminum tubing is the result of a 3D forging process, yielding Easton's lightest aluminum stem to date. Looking closely at the stem's faceplate, you'll immediately notice the EA90's Distributed Stress Technology or DST, as referred to by Easton. This technology widens the junction between the faceplate and handlebars where the four bolts clamp down, distributing stress over a wider area for extra peace of mind when you're using lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber handlebars. Note that this stem comes in two rises, 0 degrees (sometimes referred to as 90 degrees) and +/- 10 degrees (sometimes referred to as 80/100 degrees). The steerer tube's height is 40mm, and two opposing bolts secure it firmly in place to minimize stress. The EA90 comes with a 31. 8mm handlebar clamp and 1 1/8th-inch steerer clamp only.

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