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Easton EC90 SL Cinch Crankset

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Easton EC90 SL Cinch Crankset
Easton EC90 SL Cinch Crankset description:
With the recent merger of Easton and Race Face, the former was able to bring the latter's future-proof Cinch crankset technology from mountain bikes to road, cyclocross, and gravel. We built the direct-mount, one-by Easton EC90 SL Crankset primarily for 'cross and gravel, but the crank arms' modularity means it can adapt to the spider-life of a double as needed. That modularity is the key to the crankset's future-proof status. Rather than being adrift in an ever-expanding sea of proprietary standards and slightly tweaked dimensions, the self-sponsored cyclist can invest once in the Cinch-equipped EC90 SL crank system with confidence that, regardless of what the future holds, the chassis will be compatible. The crank arms themselves are Easton's EC90 SL carbon fiber, a material that's already been proven from cockpit components to the soles of some of cycling's most popular race shoes. The included rings say "Easton," but they feature a narrow/wide tooth profile similar to the one-by standouts from Race Face, so the chainring clears debris caked-on from peanut-butter mud pits and maintains chain retention across washboard and over-sized gravel.

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