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Easton PF30 Bottom Bracket

item #EAS001W
Price: $59.99 Buy Easton PF30 Bottom Bracket
Easton PF30 Bottom Bracket
Easton PF30 Bottom Bracket description:
Pair that shiny new carbon crankset with an Easton PF30 Bottom Bracket for efficient power transfer and silky smooth pedal turns. As with all things Easton, this bottom bracket comes with assertions of exceptional durability to spin through the miles. A protective bearing seal blocks out road grime and grit, while a thin, low viscosity grease reduces friction for fast, smooth turns as you speed across finish lines and crank out high volume training miles. Please note that this bottom bracket is only compatible with Easton's gravel-, road-, and 'cross-friendly EC90 SL Cinch crankset.

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