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DT Swiss R 32 Spline Disc Road Wheel - Tubeless

item #DTS001Y
Price: $282.00 Buy DT Swiss R 32 Spline Disc Road Wheel - Tubeless
DT Swiss R 32 Spline Disc Road Wheel - Tubeless
DT Swiss R 32 Spline Disc Road Wheel - Tubeless description:
Thanks to the near-perfect disc brake control of the DT Swiss R 32 Spline Disc Tubeless Road Wheel, this wheel allows for you to push the boundaries of how fast descents can be. With its stiff semi-aero rim and the extremely stable new aero spokes, the R 32 Spline is the perfect wheel for this purpose. The width, stability, and stiffness of the aluminum rim, as well as DT Swiss' reliable hub technology, make it the ideal partner for any powerful rider who occasionally chooses the gravel roads or cyclo-cross sections for the after-work ride. All about the details, Spline wheel technology uses intricately machined hub shells, cleverly positioned spokes, and proven freewheel technology to meet the needs of modern riding. Added stiffness from the straight pull spokes provides an overall more responsive ride, while the Pro Lock liquid-injected nipple thread enhances the wheel's durability for years of use. Tubeless tires have a number of advantages over the conventional combination of tube and tire. Without risking snakebites, the tire is able to be run with lower pressures providing better grip, which also results in a more comfortable ride. Plus, there's no friction between tube and tire and therefore less rolling resistance when the tire rolls over bumpy ground littered with obstacles.

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