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DT Swiss E 1700 Spline Two Boost Wheel - 27.5in

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Price: $372.00 Buy DT Swiss E 1700 Spline Two Boost Wheel - 27.5in
DT Swiss E 1700 Spline Two Boost Wheel - 27.5in
DT Swiss E 1700 Spline Two Boost Wheel - 27.5in description:
The DT Swiss E 1700 Spline Two Boost 27. 5in Wheel withstands the demands of enduro racers and aggressive trail riders thrashing their wheels across jagged rocks, steep descents, and large drop-offs, thanks to its reliable strength. Aluminum construction optimizes its strength-to-weight, meaning you'll reap the benefits of a stiff and stout wheel that still climbs efficiently with a relatively lightweight feel. This means you'll conserve precious energy on the uphill, so you can charge harder and faster on the wicked descent that follows. It's a bit more stiff and strong than the all-mountain M 1700 Spline Two, making it ideally suited for the abusive tendencies of enduro racing. Although it's not quite as wide as other wheels intended for high-volume tires, you'll find its 25-millimeter internal width supports 2. 3 to 2. 4-inch tires. This width delivers an optimal mix of traction and cornering grip, as the tire won't be protruding in a bulbous profile. DT Swiss designed it for the wider hub spacing known as Boost, which is ubiquitous to modern trail and enduro machines. This wider hub spacing improves the spoke bracing angle, in turn increasing the stiffness of the wheel build. By increasing the wheel's stiffness, you'll find it's more precise in picking lines through technical terrain by minimizing deflection forces. This stiffness is essential to enduro racers and trail riders seeking to clean technical stretches of trail with precision. We're offering this wheel as a front or rear, in Boost spacing only. Each wheel comes with DT Swiss 350 straightpull hubs for legendary reliability, with the rear featuring 18 points of engagement. As a rear wheel, choose between one with a SRAM XD driver for SRAM's newest 1x11 and 1x12 drivetrains or pick one up for Shimano and SRAM 9/10-speed set-ups. DT Swiss includes a tubeless valve and rim tape with each wheel for tubeless convenience, as well as a center lock/IS adapter for fitting your 6-bolt brake rotors.

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