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Deuter Fox 40L Backpack - Kids'

item #DTR0096
Price: $109.00 Buy Deuter Fox 40L Backpack - Kids'
Deuter Fox 40L Backpack - Kids'
Deuter Fox 40L Backpack - Kids' description:
It's time for Junior to start pulling his weight around here. He isn't quite ready to join the workforce, but a little help on the trail would be nice. Strap the Deuter Kids' Fox 40 Pack on his back and he'll be as happy as you are. That's because Deuter is famous for making weight comfortable. The Fox 40 is based on Deuter's adult trekking packs and borrows technology like the Aircontact molded back panel that is desiegned to fuse the hiker and pack into one entity to increase maneuverability and comfort while promoting airflow to cool Junior during the hike.

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