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Deuter Trans Alpine 30L Backpack

item #DTR005G
Price: $129.95 Buy Deuter Trans Alpine 30L Backpack
Deuter Trans Alpine 30L Backpack
Deuter Trans Alpine 30L Backpack description:
You spend most of spring hiking up to your favorite mountain biking area just to see if the snow has melted. Once the trails are dry enough to ride, you'll be biking your days away until the next snowfall, and Deuter's Trans Alpine 30 Backpack will be with you every step--and pedal--of the way. Suitable for hiking and mountain biking, the Trans Alpine boasts multiple carry systems for hydration reservoirs, helmets, smartphones, and more. Its Airstripes suspension system has minimum contact to allow ample airflow, and the rain cover deploys whenever wet weather threatens your recently cleaned spokes.

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