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Deuter Guide Lite 32L Backpack

item #DTR004U
Price: $149.00
Sale Price: $104.30
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Deuter Guide Lite 32L Backpack
Deuter Guide Lite 32L Backpack description:
Out on a ridge somewhere amid the whistling winds and frosty spires, you'll decide that it was a really good idea to pack up the simple, summit-worthy Deuter Guide Lite 32 Backpack for fast-and-light mountaineering missions. Its clean, simple outer and overall minimalist design keep its weight at just over two pounds, yet it still includes the essential features and volume needed to help you achieve your alpine ambitions. Based on the Guide series, this Lite version is stripped and sized down to just include the bare essentials. But what it lacks in plush features, it makes up for with its incredibly lightweight performance and no-nonsense functionality. Pocket Rip Mini fabric is tightly woven to offer robust durability with minimal weight, and the Delrin U-frame helps bear the load when your pack is weighed down with ropes, spare layers, food, and other crucial items.

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