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Deuter Groden SL 30L Backpack - Women's

item #DTR004P
Price: $129.00
Sale Price: $103.20
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Deuter Groden SL 30L Backpack - Women's
Deuter Groden SL 30L Backpack - Women's description:
Originally launched in 1984, the Deuter Women's Groden 30 SL Backpack represents a modern update to a timeless hiking pack. It's roomy enough for demanding hikes stretching from sunrise 'till late evening, carrying everything you need for conquering varying trail surfaces and surviving in rapidly changing weather. The Groden 30's top-loading compartment eagerly swallows all your bulkier items, such as outerwear and extra layers. There's a separate pocket for partitioning wet gear from the pack's main compartment, as well as an integrated raincover that deploys when rain threatens to soak your gear. Bellow side pockets expand its carrying capacity when you require extra storage.

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