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Deuter ACT Lite SL 70+10L Backpack - Women's

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Buy Deuter ACT Lite SL 70+10L Backpack - Women's
Deuter ACT Lite SL 70+10L Backpack - Women's
Deuter ACT Lite SL 70+10L Backpack - Women's description:
Toting a female-friendly design, the Deuter Women's ACT Lite 70+10 SL Backpack provides ample storage for your weekend or week long treks into the backcountry for some peace and quiet. Part of Deuter's slim line, the ACT Lite 70+10 SL backpack is perfectly adapted to a woman's physique. Its conical hip-belt anchor points are closer together and slightly curved upward for a more customized fit while the ACT Lite's narrower shoulder width provides an anatomical fit around your upper body. The shoulder straps are both narrower and shorter in length and have narrow tapered ends and small buckles which avoid chafing in the armpits and eliminate pressure points in the chest. S-shaped shoulder straps with softly lined edges on both sides offer stellar comfort. Deuter also gave the ACT Lite SL a Vari-Quick adjustable shoulder harness that enables you to customize the pack to your height while an anatomically shaped X-frame creates a comfortable, flexible construction for medium to heavy loads. Side compression straps fully wrap the pack and help to stabilize its load. The Aircontact back system features a breathable hollow chamber that reduces perspiration by 15% when compared with conventional trekking backpacks for better performance and an increase in user comfort. This backpack can carry up to 60 pounds of your gear comfortably, while its 10-liter extension collar enables you to stash some last-minute essentials. A bottom compartment holds your sleeping bag and has an internal zip divider as well as a U-shaped external zipper for easy access when you're setting up camp. Hydration compatible, the ACT Lite 70+10 SL helps keep you refreshed, while top and bottom lid pockets, stretch-woven side pockets, and hip-belt pockets stash your camera, toothbrush and toothpaste, headlamp, and other essentials you would like easily accessible. Deuter even gave the ACT Lite 70+10 SL ice axe and trekking pole attachments and an SOS label for convenience.

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