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DMM Phantom Carabiner - 5 Pack

item #DMM0028
Price: $42.50 Buy DMM Phantom Carabiner - 5 Pack
DMM Phantom Carabiner - 5 Pack
DMM Phantom Carabiner - 5 Pack description:
Each of your carabiners may only weigh a few ounces, but multiply that by your fifty cams and you're carrying a rather rotund child in 'biners alone. The DMM Phantom Carabiner 5 Pack trims the fat to help increase your efficiency for demanding traditional and aid climbing. The Phantom uses DMM's I-Beam technology (the spine resembles a steel I-beam) and a lightweight alloy for strength and weight reduction, and the custom bent wire gate pulls itself into the nose when weighted. A steep basket and a slight rope groove keep the Phantom loaded along the spine. DMM anodized each Phantom in the 5 pack in a different color to match your cams or to add a little rainbow flair.

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