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DMM Demon 2 Cam

item #DMM000Z
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DMM Demon 2 Cam
DMM Demon 2 Cam description:
Without its anodized color-coding, DMM's Demon 2 Cam looks a lot simpler than its predecessor, but it functions much better for climbing, and that's what counts. DMM rid the cam's colorization to give each lobe a better grip in any type of rock for more friction and confident placements. Also new to this sequel is the extendable Dynatec sling, which sheds a few grams for a lighter rack, and the new thumb press enhances ergonomics. Everything else about the Demon 2 is the same as the first, like the original 13. 75-degree constant camming angle for perfect placing and cleaning. There are cam stops so you can place the cam passively. DMM also used single stems and axles, as well as top-quality materials and workmanship for long-lasting durability that won't break your bank.

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