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Dumonde Tech Liquid Grease

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Dumonde Tech Liquid Grease
Dumonde Tech Liquid Grease description:
When you've tapped into your last reserves, you want to know that two familiar bike foes, stiction and drag, haven't claimed more than their fair share of your energy. Dumonde Tech's Liquid Grease's Polymer Technology combats stiction and drag by bonding with the surfaces of critical components, such as suspension fork legs, pivots, cables, and both steel and ceramic cartridge bearings. In these places, you want a lighter grease that's slippery, but not too sticky, and Liquid Grease is a good choice. Additionally, it's attracted to the heat created by friction, so it clings best to the areas where it's needed most. Dumonde Tech Liquid Grease comes in a 2oz bottle.

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