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Diamondback Haanjo Comp Carbon Complete Bike - 2017

item #DMB004A
Price: $999.99 Buy Diamondback Haanjo Comp Carbon Complete Bike - 2017
Diamondback Haanjo Comp Carbon Complete Bike - 2017
Diamondback Haanjo Comp Carbon Complete Bike - 2017 description:
Combining the durability of a 'cross bike with the stability of a touring bike or commuter, the Diamondback Hnjo Comp Carbon is the easy choice for serious riders who refuse to let the conditions outside dictate their routes. A completely new, hand-built carbon fiber frame and fork, relaxed geometry, and superior components throughout make this Hnjo an immediate favorite for gran fondos and off-road explorations alike. The Hnjo Comp Carbon's all-purpose functionality starts with, well, its DB carbon fiber frame and fork, which offer substantially lower weight, enhanced compliance on the road, and aggressive versatility thanks to added tire clearance. Complementing the carbon fiber frame, its relaxed Endurance geometry tends toward the long and comfortable end of the spectrum, which keeps you more upright and doesn't handle like a twitchy racing frame. This pairing makes it perfect for riding in a fondo or going on a mellow spin to soak in the scenery, while also being able to keep up in a road race or competitive group ride. A tapered head tube further contributes to the Hnjo's easy handling while reducing front end flex during intensive bursts. Whether for race or recreation, what makes the Hnjo a favorite goes beyond frame material and geometry, but actually lies within its attention to detail. For example, the top tube of the frame is flattened a bit, which makes the bike easier to carry when walking up stairs after commuting or for clearing 'cross obstacles with ease. It also benefits from the certainty of TRP Spyre disc brakes for reliable stopping power when loaded with touring gear or navigating tricky terrain. Finally, touches like the 700c HED Tomcat wheels and 40mm Schwalbe G-One tires make short work of high-speed descents, while its Shimano 105 ST-5800 2x11 speed drivetrain has a gear for every gravel grind and headwind to keep your cranks spinning when the going gets tough. After your first ride, it'll be abundantly clear that this bike i...

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