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Decked D Box - Drawer Tool Box

item #DKD000C
Price: $47.95 Buy Decked D Box - Drawer Tool Box
Decked D Box - Drawer Tool Box
Decked D Box - Drawer Tool Box description:
The Decked D Box houses and organizes essential tools and handy items, sliding inside Decked Truck Bed System Drawers (sold separately). Three D Boxes fit inside standard-length System Drawers for maximum cargo storage. For smaller truck beds, the shorter length System Drawers fit two D Boxes. Regardless of the drawer size used, the D Box fits tightly to prevent it from smashing around and damaging expensive equipment. The tough, weatherproof design seals out moisture from corroding tools and ruining sensitive equipment. Two removable dividers compartmentalize tools, outdoor gear, and other handy items. The locking levers securely shut to prevent the box from accidentally opening and spilling contents. Multiple carrying handles and grip points facilitate easy carrying to remote sites. As a handy bonus, the topside features a ruler and common bolt/bit guide for finding the right tool for any job.

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