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Decked Dodge Truck Bed System

item #DKD0004
Price: $999.99 Buy Decked Dodge Truck Bed System
Decked Dodge Truck Bed System
Decked Dodge Truck Bed System description:
You've doubtlessly seen plenty of folks with jerry'd up truck-bed setups, but probably never anything quite like the Decked Dodge Truck Bed System. It's designed specifically for Dodge Ram pickups made from 2009 onward, and the custom-made steel frame, tough HDPE cover, and simple installation make it miles better than any plywood-and-2x4 concoction. Decked designed the Truck Bed System to work seamlessly with your vehicle, to the point that it installs only to your truck tie-downs, without any tools or drilling required. The two full-length drawers and four ammo cans slide seamlessly under the cover, and edge and end guards keep the bed system from damaging your precious truck. Aluminum handles make pulling them out easy as pie, and the 2000lb load rating means you can load up tons of gear on the cover or turn it into a bed without worrying about it collapsing.

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