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DAKINE Seeker 24L Backpack

item #DAK00X3
Price: $214.95 Buy DAKINE Seeker 24L Backpack
DAKINE Seeker 24L Backpack
DAKINE Seeker 24L Backpack description:
Whistler's many mountain bike trails are a helluva good time, but they can get pretty soggy without much warning. The Dakine Seeker 24L Hydration Pack will keep your gear dry when you get caught out in the rain halfway through your ride. After you pull your rain jacket from the main compartment of the pack, roll down the the lid to ensure a waterproof closure to the pack. Take a quick shot of water off the high-flow Blaster bite valve before you hit that last uphill section before the long roll back down to the trailhead, and stash your sunglasses in the fleece-lined pocket when rain clouds make it too hard to see through them. Being the largest offering in Dakine's Seeker series, this pack is well-suited for long rides when extra layers, food, and plenty of water are crucial for your ride.

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