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DAKINE Cross-X Glove - Women's

item #DAK00UX
Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $22.72
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DAKINE Cross-X Glove - Women's
DAKINE Cross-X Glove - Women's description:
The Dakine Women's Cross-X Glove provides low-profile padding and tactile grip for riders pedaling across undulating flow trails, tight switchbacks, and burly rock drops. It's a classic trail glove designed to take the edge off jarring vibration while increasing bar control, especially when sweaty palms threaten your grip. Low-profile foam padding soaks up shock, but without sacrificing tactile control. Four-way stretch polyester and air mesh panels conform to your hand while breathing well for optimal comfort. To ensure grip on steep trails where control is everything, the AX Suede Deuce keeps a steady hold without slipping out. Silicone-printed fingers lend sticky control for modulating brakes across prolonged descents. And when it's time to switch up tracks, the touchscreen-compatible fingers allow you to crank up the tunes before dropping in.

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