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DAKINE Cross X Glove - Men's

item #DAK00UN
Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $26.21
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DAKINE Cross X Glove - Men's
DAKINE Cross X Glove - Men's description:
It pays to have a solid grip on your bars when you're ripping downhill in a blur of reckless abandon. That's where the Dakine Men's Cross X Glove comes into play, with its AX Suede Deuce palm and silicone-coated fingers delivering secure grip and precise brake feel. For comfort on lengthy descents, foam padding dissipates unruly vibration without sacrificing bar feel. This rugged glove protects your hands with neoprene knuckles deflecting the sting of crashes and trail abrasion. Four-way stretch polyester along the backside promotes breathability and flex, so your hands are free to move without overheating. And for those uphill slogs where you're dripping with sweat, the microfiber thumb softly wipes your forehead.

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