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DAKINE Factor 22L Backpack

item #DAK00T4
Price: $47.95 Buy DAKINE Factor 22L Backpack
DAKINE Factor 22L Backpack
DAKINE Factor 22L Backpack description:
You're not a pack rat--you like to carry what you need (read: all of your smart gadgets and doo-hickeys) and nothing more. So, pack all your nerdy essentials in the Dakine Factor 20L Backpack and duck out the door for school, work, or anywhere you'll need that high-tech gadgetry. Well, that's everywhere for you, isn't it' Good thing this streamlined pack features adjustable padded shoulder straps and a sternum strap for all-day comfort, which makes hauling around all those feather-light pieces of tech feel like a walk in the park. Additionally, a padded sleeve coddles your 15-inch laptop, and other plentiful pockets organize safeguard small necessities.

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