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DAKINE Mission Photo 25L Backpack

item #DAK00SY
Price: $154.95 Buy DAKINE Mission Photo 25L Backpack
DAKINE Mission Photo 25L Backpack
DAKINE Mission Photo 25L Backpack description:
Be sure to capture every sick drop, slide, butter, and doozy of a moment on your next snow-cation with the help of the Dakine Mission Photo Backpack. Dakine gave this pack a removable and padded camera block to keep your camera and four lenses safe and secure as you barrel down the mountain or head out for a night of fun in the ski town. Additionally, this pack features a tripod carry system, which takes the place of that gosh-awful selfie stick your friend has been carrying around lately, while the integrated rain cover ensures your gear stays dry and protected. Not to mention, the vertical board straps enable you to boot pack into a more desirable spot to shoot, which means you don't ever have to leave your board behind and miss out on all the fun.

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