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DAKINE Aura Gloves - Women's

item #DAK001A
Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $26.21
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DAKINE Aura Gloves - Women's
DAKINE Aura Gloves - Women's description:
For the minimalist who still wants padding and protection, Dakine created the Women's Aura Glove. With breathable fabrics and light padding, they ensure a secure grip while remaining lightweight. The back of the hand was sewn from mesh polyester which allows the hands to breathe to prevent sweaty palms. Silicone mesh is used on the palms for a solid interface with the bars. They are padded with three, 2mm pads across the palms. An adjustable hook and loop closure secures the gloves. The thumbs feature a microfleece wipe and just in case you get a phone call from your boss, the Aura's thumbs are touchscreen compatible. The Dakine Aura Gloves - Women's are available in sizes X-Small through X-Large in the colors Annabelle and Black.

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