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Dainese Trailknit Pro Armor Top

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Dainese Trailknit Pro Armor Top
Dainese Trailknit Pro Armor Top description:
The next time you head to the ticket window for a lift pass with your dual-crown baby, bring along the Dainese Trailknit Pro Armor Top. Sure, you wouldn't think of doing any serious sending without some type of armor, but usually it ends up feeling bulky on a hot summer day. Unlike individual back or shoulder pads, the streamlined Trailknit Pro combines shoulder and back padding with a baselayer. Individual pouches house shoulder pads, and an inner sleeve secures a certified panel of back protection close to your skin. By choosing highly breathable, seamless yarns for the top, Dainese ensures you'll stay cooler and drier under a one-piece design that leaves no room for slipping or ill-fitting armor.

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