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Dainese Rhyolite 2 Safety Jacket

item #DAI00LI
Price: $299.95 Buy Dainese Rhyolite 2 Safety Jacket
Dainese Rhyolite 2 Safety Jacket
Dainese Rhyolite 2 Safety Jacket description:
Dainese has been a leader in cutting-edge protectives since the early '70s, so when the brand claims that the Rhyolite 2 Safety Jacket is its "most ergonomic and advanced design to date," we certainly started paying attention. And we weren't disappointed. It's breathable, relatively light, and, of course, protective--all while keeping any restriction to a minimum. The main body features strategic panels of Dainese's Flexagon padding, which involves two layers of Crash Absorb hexagons secured on a flexible membrane in order to reduce restriction. Flexagon lives up to its name, providing flex across the 30, 90, and 150-degree axes, empowering the kind of reach and stretching you'll do in the saddle without compromising the Crash Absorb memory foam's ability to absorb impacts. Flexibility also manifests in the form of removable sleeves, which let you dial the protection to your day's activities. When in place, the sleeves offer Pro Armor elbow and shoulder padding to absorb impacts; when they're not in place, The Rhyolite's Flexagon torso padding helps give some peace of mind while sizing up questionable lines.

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