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Dainese Armoform Knee Guards

item #DAI00IQ
Price: $99.95
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Dainese Armoform Knee Guards
Dainese Armoform Knee Guards description:
Fractals are seemingly everywhere, from the repeating geometry of fern leaves to the spiraling patterns of sea shells. Inspired by this naturally recurring structure, the Dainese Armoform Knee Guards offer burly impact protection with the help of functional fractal ribbing. This unique pattern disperses crushing impact forces, should you take a nasty spill across treacherous terrain. Also, it promotes ventilation during spirited rides and long uphill slogs. The thermoplastic polyethylene shell increases protection over soft-padded variants, making it ideal for dropping into intimidating downhills and lapping lift-accessed bike parks. Crash Absorb side pads provide flexible impact-resistance for unrestricted mobility and pedaling freedom. Going one step further for fluid flexibility, the articulated knee joint eagerly bends while retaining a secure fit. Elastic bands with silicone grippers prevent slipping, with a calf power strap for a fine-tuned fit. Additionally, there's breathable mesh throughout to prevent you from soaking in excess perspiration in warmer conditions.

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