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Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove

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Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove
Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove description:
When it comes to the question of what to wear, cyclocross poses many challenges. You need clothes that are durable, flexible, breathable, and warm. In short, you need apparel items that do it all. The Castelli CW 6. 0 Cross Gloves are designed specifically for water, mud, and the chilly weather associated with one of the craziest, least-predictable, and therefore most fun disciplines in cycling. The CW 6. 0 Cross Gloves are intended to keep your hands warm even in the wettest conditions since--in 'cross--the longest races last little more than an hour and there's no time for wardrobe adjustments once you're underway. A neoprene back, vented finger inserts, and a micro-perforated Clarino palm get the job done by shielding against the elements and shedding water and sweat to keep your hands insulated and warm. The gloves also feature a silicone print on the palm for grip, which is a small but important detail in a sport that requires constant shifting and braking without sacrificing dexterity. The embossed neoprene on the back is as warm when wet as it is when dry, and the cuffs are made with a hook-and-loop enclosure that creates a secure seal around your wrists. Lastly, a microsuede thumb panel is included to provide a safe landing pad for the inevitable, exertion-caused nasal effusion.

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