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Castelli Tempo Glove

item #CST00GC
Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $19.22
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Castelli Tempo Glove
Castelli Tempo Glove description:
If you've been turned off by gloves in the past that feel too bulky, or just plain too noticeable when you're riding, don't give up on the added grip and cushioning they can provide just yet. Give the Castelli Tempo Glove a try the next time you head out for a ride on a hot day, and be prepared to forget you have it on after a few miles. Made with ultralight synthetic fabric for maximum breathability in warm weather, the Tempo comes with light, flexible palm padding to mute road noise without impeding bar feel. Its low-profile silhouette aims to subtly improve your dexterity in the cockpit while all but disappearing as you ride.

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