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Castelli BOA Glove - Men's

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Castelli BOA Glove - Men's
Castelli BOA Glove - Men's description:
When you're on the bike, cold separates itself into several stages. Sunny fall days leave you only slightly chilled, with hands that are a little stiffer than normal but still functional. Other days, an afternoon spent pedaling through wind and rain leave your appendages completely numb, incapable of performing the simplest tasks--like taking your gloves off in the driveway when you get home. Castelli, as it's wont to do, saw a gap in the market and filled that gap with the BOA Men's Glove. Rather than trying to create an ultra-insulated, impractical glove, it set about designing a glove that would embrace the limited mobility that's unavoidable during long, frigid rides. The resulting Men's BOA Glove relies on the same BOA dial that's served you so loyally on your road shoes. It allows you to quickly widen the glove to pull it off mid-ride, then slip it back on without fumbling in the shoulder of the road for an extra five minutes. Aside from its easy on/off system, the BOA Glove comes with a capable OutDry shell that's impervious to rain and wind. The shell protects a plush fleece lining that works to hold heat next to your skin while allowing your hands to breathe. Silicone grip on the palm preserves bar feel and control of the cockpit, and the cuffs extend past the wrists to help eliminate gaps between the glove and your jersey.

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