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Castelli 4.3.1 Gloves

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Castelli 4.3.1 Gloves
Castelli 4.3.1 Gloves description:
We could spend hours here at the office debating the pros and cons of various winter glove options available to best meet cold-weather needs. Traditional gloves provide ample range of motion and ease of shift lever function but open up more surface area to chill, while lobster gloves and mittens provide superior warmth and toasty hand feelings but leave limited finger mobility. Castelli silences the debate with the 4. 3. 1 Gloves. Castelli takes the best of both the glove and mitten worlds, mashes them together, and spits out a ridiculously versatile piece that should have a home in every cyclist's winter accessory collection. Fashioned from windproof, waterproof materials with a kitten-soft fleece lining, these gloves are meant to keep hands cozy. With a convertible mitten design, riders can choose their warmth level for the day. Opt for a full mitten when it's extra cold, a three-finger mitten to leave an index finger free for easy gear shifts, or pull back the mitten cover and rock the 4. 3. 1s traditional glove-style when things warm up a bit. Silicone grippers on the fingertips and thumbs ensure they won't slip off the bars or brake levers even through rainy, icy days. Long wrist cuffs tuck neatly under or over your jacket cuffs and cinch down securely with hook-and-loop strap closures to seal out chilly wind gusts and errant flurries, ensuring toasty wrists and digits throughout the ride. The 4. 3. 1 Gloves feature minimal padding on the palms to enhance road feel, while microsuede panels on the thumbs let you quickly mop away sweat and snowflakes on the fly. As a final touch, Castelli adds reflective print to increase visibility to motorists, fellow riders, and wandering neighborhood pets in low-light or dreary conditions.

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