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Castelli Diluvio Gloves

item #CST003A
Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $29.22
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Castelli Diluvio Gloves
Castelli Diluvio Gloves description:
Noah didn't hide from the flood, he built a boat and rode that sucker out. If you're cut from the same "Embrace the storm!" mold, you'll really appreciate the water-deafeating, cold-crushing Diluvio Gloves from Castelli, which use thick 3mm neoprene to keep your hands comfortable when you're riding through Mother Nature's worst. The Diluvio is rated down to below 40 degrees and uses the same neoprene found in many wetsuits, so you can be sure that it's cut out to handle biblical levels of unpleasantness, but it also has an extended cuff and non-slip palm that are specially designed for cycling, not just cribbed from surf gear. It might be rainy, or snowy, or sleety, or all three, but get out an enjoy it. Noah would.

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