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CAMP USA - Cassin X-Alpine Kit

item #CSN0051
Price: $49.95 Buy CAMP USA - Cassin X-Alpine Kit
CAMP USA - Cassin X-Alpine Kit
CAMP USA - Cassin X-Alpine Kit description:
Be prepared for any type of ice route with Camp USA - Cassin X-Alpine Kit whether you crank with the X-Dry, X-All Mountain, or the X-Alp axes. This kit comes with the X-Ice Spike that's long and sharp enough to punch through snow on lower-angled terrain and features a hole big enough for a carabiner. The X-Hammer pounds pitons with a powerful force, and the X-Adze chops steps quickly and efficiently until you get to good ice. You'll be ready for any big-mountain adventures heading your way this winter with these three tiny tools.

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