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Chrome Mini Metro 20L Messenger Bag

item #CRM0005
Price: $120.00 Buy Chrome Mini Metro 20L Messenger Bag
Chrome Mini Metro 20L Messenger Bag
Chrome Mini Metro 20L Messenger Bag description:
The Chrome Mini Metro Messenger Bag is a small messenger bag with a deceptively large interior for hauling all of the basics to work, school, and play. The exceedingly durable interior and exterior can take whatever you can dish out. Made in Chico, California, USAWaterproof, durable Cordura stands up to scraping against buses and brick wallsLarge main compartment (think utility bucket) stores everything you would need for a hard day's work and/or play, like a 15. 4in laptop, some bowling shoes, incendiaries, cheese-filled hotdogs and more--imagine the possibilitiesChest strap uses five-bar webbing for durability, a seatbelt-buckle release for style points, and a cross-sternum load stabilizer strap eliminates bag sway while you dodge oblivious SUV'sIntegrated truck tarp liner built with military spec binding prolongs the life of the bag and covers all outside-facing seams from elements and abrasionEVA foam on shoulder strap pad--arrive at your destination without a laceration from your bagBottle opener built into seatbelt chest strap--what's wrong with a road soda'

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