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Craft Charge Glove - Men's

item #CRA00AO
Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $24.49
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Craft Charge Glove - Men's
Craft Charge Glove - Men's description:
Let's face it, you'll probably be sweaty after climbing uphill for the plunging descent on the backside of the canyon. As any rider is well aware, sweaty palms don't exactly inspire confidence when you're charging downhill at scary-fast speeds and launching side-hits into a minefield of rocks and gnarled roots. Add essential grip and shock absorption to your trail endeavors and gravity pursuits with the Craft Men's Charge Glove. This trail glove provides an ergonomic fit that feels natural, without sacrificing the dexterity required for shifting, brake modulation, and working your dropper post. Shock-absorbing gel inserts placed into high-pressure areas lessen fatiguing vibration when you're charging over rocky terrain. Silicone palm overlays promote steadfast grip when the trail is trying its best to violently shake you from your bars. Breathable perforations throughout promote temperature regulation, especially across scorching deserts and exposed environments.

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