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Craft Glow Glove - Men's

item #CRA00AN
Price: $39.99 Buy Craft Glow Glove - Men's
Craft Glow Glove - Men's
Craft Glow Glove - Men's description:
When your gloves reach the point that even a trip through the washing machine can't fix their stiff, sweat-caked feel, you know it's time. Toss them aside and reach for the Craft Glow Glove this season, and head to your group rides with soft, mobile fabric and fresh cushioning standing between you and the bars once again. As you drive breakaways and struggle to keep pace with that one rider who always out-sprints you, the Glow's breathable fabric and grippy Clarino palm will deliver consistent dexterity and cushioning as you shift and brake. When you get a lead at last, the Glow will make sure poor handling doesn't inhibit your ability to shake that rider off your wheel once and for all.

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