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Campagnolo Ultra-Torque BB30 Adapter

item #CPG0155
Price: $64.95
Sale Price: $38.97
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Campagnolo Ultra-Torque BB30 Adapter
Campagnolo Ultra-Torque BB30 Adapter description:
This is the adapter that will allow you to use a Campagnolo Ultra-Torque crankset in a bicycle frame built with a BB30 bottom bracket shell. The adapter consists of two black anodized aluminum cups that press into the BB30 shell. Once installed, the Campy Ultra-Torque crankarms with integral bearings may be slid into place and bolted together. Note: We strongly recommend a shop quality headset press and properly sized mandrels be used to install the adapter cups. Be sure to install the adapter with the groove on the drive side and install the wire clip.

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