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Campagnolo H11 Cassette

item #CPG003Q
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Campagnolo H11 Cassette
Campagnolo H11 Cassette description:
Accommodating Campagnolo's Ergopower H11 disc brakes, the H11 Cassette is pushed outboard by 2. 5 millimeters for the wider hub spacing of disc-specific wheels. By moving the cassette outboard by 2. 5 millimeters, you'll find the H11 Cassette retains an optimal chain line when you're running Campy's Ergopower H11 disc brakes and H11 carbon crankset. Optimized for long climbs and slogs down gravel roads, the 11- to 32-tooth range gives you plentiful low-end for conserving precious energy during road rides across hilly environments and gravel grinds down brutal back roads. This cassette employs tried-and-true steel along all of its cogs for a maximum wear life and a wallet-friendly price, which is a welcome respite from the exorbitant cost and limited longevity of its titanium counterparts.

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