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Cane Creek DROPT Remote Assembly

item #CNE000X
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Cane Creek DROPT Remote Assembly
Cane Creek DROPT Remote Assembly description:
These days we're spoiled by the seemingly endless adjustability of our mountain bikes. With levers and buttons to change our fork rebound, shock damping, and saddle height on the fly, the comfort of the ride is hitting levels beyond where we imagined would be possible 15 years ago. With all of these new buttons and levers it's becoming evident that our thumb-area real estate needs to be reorganized for better use of space, and that's why Cane Creek has given us the DROPT Remote Assembly. The DROPT is a cable actuated remote that will work with mechanically actuated dropper posts, and couples with Cane Creek's OPT Climb Switch to create one clean connection for two separate systems. The DROPT's removable hinges couple with the OPT, and are matchmaker compatible for clean bar space. The lever features adjustable positioning, cable pull options to limit lever movement, and two types of cable insertion methods, universal fasten or button end, making it one of the most versatile remotes on the market.

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