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Cane Creek eeBrakes El Dorado Edition Caliper Brakes

item #CNE000S
Price: $650.00 Buy Cane Creek eeBrakes El Dorado Edition Caliper Brakes
Cane Creek eeBrakes El Dorado Edition Caliper Brakes
Cane Creek eeBrakes El Dorado Edition Caliper Brakes description:
Cane Creek decked out the eeBrakes El Dorado Edition Caliper Brakes with a special-edition gold colorway to commemorate the inventor of eeBrakes, Craig Edwards. As the story goes, Craig's father was in the music business, eventually given a blinged-out Cadillac El Dorado from soul legend Ike Turner. This sweet ride was then gifted to Craig from his dad, giving Cane Creek inspiration for this sweet set of gold brakes. Available only in limited quantities, the eeBrakes El Dorado Edition gives you the forceful stopping power of the original, but with serious eye-candy for your favorite road steed. This uniquely engineered rim brake tips the scales at approximately half the weight of the competition, but without sacrificing powerful stopping force. In fact, the eeBrakes unique design dramatically increases overall stiffness, lending increased modulation and brute stopping force on the road. Another benefit of this design is that you gain even, friction-free power with optimal cable alignment as you squeeze the brake lever. Its graceful set-up and clean lines move the cable into the wind-blocking zone, increasing aerodynamic efficiency over traditional brakes. Tool-less adjustments ensure quick, easy set-up without pesky rub or the constant need to recenter the pad. The simple flick of a lever opens up the Quick Strut, conveniently clearing tires up to 28-millimeters for wheel removal and pad swapping. This system is designed to work with all Shimano-style pads for simple installation and removal without tools. Please note, it's optimized for use with Shimano, SRAM, and Capagnolo levers for a truly customized set-up.

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