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CAMP USA Flash Harness

item #CMP004D
Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $63.96
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CAMP USA Flash Harness
CAMP USA Flash Harness description:
The CAMP USA Flash Harness is an entirely new harness concept designed for sport climbing at the highest level. The new ultralight Flash features innovative load webbing with structural longitudinal threads that allow for a wider cross section for support, without the added weight of traditional webbing. The construction is similar to the Alp Racing harness that has already taken the ski mountaineering world by storm as the lightest, most supportive and most packable downhill harness on the market. With the Flash, CAMP USA also integrated 3mm foam padding adhered directly to the webbing for increased comfort. The gear loops are designed for optimal performance on challenging sport routes, with the front loops ergonomically molded for the fastest access to quick draws while the rear loops are softer and lay flat.

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