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CAMP USA Turbofoot Ascender

item #CMP002S
Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $63.96
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CAMP USA Turbofoot Ascender
CAMP USA Turbofoot Ascender description:
Hook Camp USA's Turbofoot Ascender to your feet and get up fixed lines easier than ever before. Like the ascender at your waist, the Turbofoot uses a toothed cam and proprietary rollers to help you stay safe in high places. Camp USA treated the toothed cam with an anti-wear treatment for your rope, and there are drain holes for mud, grit, and ice. The ergonomically designed straps fit anything from mountaineering boots to climbing shoes, and there are left and right versions available. Since the Turbofoot offers a light hauling of 110 pounds, Camp USA only recommends it for progression and not as a safety attachment.

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