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Clement Strada LGG 120 TPI Tire - Clincher

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Price: $54.95 Buy Clement Strada LGG 120 TPI Tire - Clincher
Clement Strada LGG 120 TPI Tire - Clincher
Clement Strada LGG 120 TPI Tire - Clincher description:
When we first heard the claim that the Strada LGG 120 TPI Tire was designed with inspiration from the Criterium Seta, we were skeptical. But this claim comes straight from Clement itself, who continues to be the sexiest name in industrially produced tires, so we were willing to give it some credence. Then we rode the tires, and we realized that -- though the Criterium Seta remains the unattainable Excalibur of tires today -- much of its DNA is present in the supple, puncture-resistant Strada LGG. This being Clement, we're obliged to note that the tire's LGG initialism is a nod to the airport code for Liege. We can't ever hear or read about that city without mentally appending -Bastogne-Liege to its name. The oldest of the classics, La Doyenne has been held rain or shine (or, occasionally, snow -- check out the 1980 edition were Hinault dropped a huge, badger-shaped hammer on the proceedings) with the obligatory interruption for WWI over 100 times now, so it's only fitting that the Strada LGG be able to hold fast in all springtime conditions. The tire's dual-compound construction situates material with a durometer rating of 70a on the center strip and 60a at the shoulders. This means that the confident road feel of Clement's classic chevron pattern is complemented by a fast-rolling, efficient center and tacky shoulders, maximizing speed on the flats and allowing more confident cornering.

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