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Club Ride Apparel Haze Glove

item #CLB002F
Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $27.47
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Club Ride Apparel Haze Glove
Club Ride Apparel Haze Glove description:
Remember the last winter ride you embarked on' You know, the one where you lost feeling in all your fingers, forcing you to turn back instead of finishing your favorite loop. Don't succumb to freezing fingers ever again with the toasty insulation of the Club Ride Haze Glove. This cycling glove works best in freezing cold conditions, thanks to its 3M Thinsulate insulation throughout. EverFresh heavy-duty backing combats premature wear and tear, while the GripTight bonded silicone palm offers plenty of dexterity and sticky grip during slippery riding conditions. Furthermore, you'll find a gusseted neoprene fitted wrist closure that seals out moisture and trail debris from sneaking in.

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