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Chris King Press-Fit 24mm Ceramic

item #CKG0062
Price: $252.95 Buy Chris King Press-Fit 24mm Ceramic
Chris King Press-Fit 24mm Ceramic
Chris King Press-Fit 24mm Ceramic description:
For decades, Chris King components have enjoyed a well-earned reputation as some of the best in the industry. Everything Chris king makes is built with incredible precision. Because of this, they last. Not only that, a Chris King product can be produced for years, unchanged. Upgrades are never made on a whim, and gimmicks are never used. That's why you know that the ceramic ball bearings used in the Press-Fit 24mm Ceramic bottom bracket are a serious performance enhancement. If they weren't, King would continue to produce only its steel ball bearings, for which it has been revered for years. Like its steel counterpart, the PressFit Ceramic bottom bracket uses 24 bearings per stainless steel race. Ceramic bearings are lighter-weight and produce less friction than steel, and more bearings mean greater strength. Chris King's bottom brackets rely on an extensive system of seals to ensure reliability, but they are also easily serviceable with the Grease Injection Tool (sold separately). When you squeeze new grease into the bottom bracket, the old, dirty grease is pushed out. You also have the option to run lower-viscosity grease for race day, which spins more quickly but doesn't last as long as the thicker stuff.

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