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Chris King Cup and Saucer Set

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Chris King Cup and Saucer Set
Chris King Cup and Saucer Set description:
We're all familiar with the signature buzz of Chris King's R45 hubs, and, love it or hate it, that noise is inseparably linked to a history of cycling design we're comfortable describing as precise, meticulous, and -- if you'll allow us a moment of hyperbole -- borderline-obsessive. The Chris King Cup and Saucer Set is a manifestation of a different side of the Oregonian's passions, one that celebrates the ritual of a pre-ride espresso or cappuccino with the same passion that insists on flawlessly operating hubs and bearings. Instead of the hard coolness of machined alloy on a well-regimented factory floor, the Cup and Saucer kits pay homage to King's equally impressive enthusiasm for the warm, mutable space of the kitchen. It turns out his passion for the culinary arts is just as pronounced as his incessant pursuit of mechanical perfection -- a fact well known to any cyclist who's had the pleasure of participating in one of King's Gourmet Century rides or popped into the Michelin-worthy cafeteria while touring the company factory in Portland, OR. Of course, King insists that the Cup and Saucer Sets be just as perfect as the hubs bearing his imprimatur, so each set is manufactured by the Croatian Inker Ceramic Company.

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