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Chris King ISO XD Driveshell

item #CKG000D
Price: $261.95 Buy Chris King ISO XD Driveshell
Chris King ISO XD Driveshell
Chris King ISO XD Driveshell description:
The Chris King ISO XD Driveshell lets you run SRAM's beloved one-by-eleven drivetrains on your favorite hubset. As we've come to expect from our friends in Portland, plenty of time was taken to ensure that this driver was every bit as robust as the standard driver that it will be replacing. What that means for you is a lifetime of minimal maintenance, and the pride of knowing that you didn't have to abandon a hubset that was built with pride and passion, just because you wanted to run a next-generation drivetrain. Unlike the conversion kit, this Driveshell includes the necessary small parts to swap freehub bodies without the use of proprietary Chris King tools.The Chris King ISO XD Driveshell is available in one size, and in the color Silver

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