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Camp Chef Cooler

item #CCF001S
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Camp Chef Cooler
Camp Chef Cooler description:
Tired of coming back to camp after a day of hiking or fishing to find that all the ice in your so-called "cooler" has already melted' Make sure your beverages and food stay cold throughout your entire camping, hunting, or boating trip with the Camp Chef Cooler. This heavy-duty cooler keeps your ice intact through the most rigorous adventures and hottest conditions. A heavy-duty insulated construction and gasket at the opening seals in the cold so you're still sipping ice-cold beers on day four and not worrying about getting sick from the bacon. Molded lock holes and the stainless steel plate keep everything secure, and molded slots allow you to thread a tie-down through when you need extra security. The 50- and 70-liter options provide plenty of room for big adventures, and an included wire basket helps you keep everything organized when the cooler's packed to the brim.

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